A very long letter about a very long journey

   If you're ready to spend at least 3 MONTHS in continuous training and take yourself to the next level of evolution... you should read this very long letter which is about your journey to infinity.

   If not, here is a fun cat movie I highly recommend (not quite suitable for children).

   So what is this "journey to infinity"?

   Journey to infinity is your commitment to 3 months of mind training with me, during which period we will work on the following topics:

  • Transformation from a human being to "Awake Being", whatever that means.
  • Learn the art of inner space exploration (AKA meditation).
  • Upgrade your body for optimal flow of energy. (Hint: this means you will have to exercise regularly, in some form or other. A body out of balance will make it very difficult to maintain the mind in balance.)
  • Systematically disentangle the mind from all the social/cultural/etc. conditioning that is stopping you from living your life to the fullest and experiencing your own consciousness in the most optimal way.

   What exactly is this Awake Being now? How's that different from a human being?

   Awake Being is the natural next stage of evolution of human beings. It has already started and happening across the planet. The change is subtle but once you go through it, it changes the entire way of living for you, which is why the need for a new name, to clearly help you to realize you are not the same any more; the rules are different, the game is different, the name is different.

   What happens when you go through this transformation?

   The change is almost entirely on the psychological plane; if your mind can be likened to software, you can even call it a major update that fixes a serious glitch than an actual new version of it.


   The clearest sign of this transformation is the ability to think and see clearly without attachment, without filtering and without distorting. But if you are thinking that is an ability that many already possess, you are wrong.

   A more helpful analogy is the difference between how we think when in a dream or a nightmare and how we think when we are awake. With the ability to think and see clearly, or more appropriately, to not think at all and see clearly, comes the ability to see certain aspects of reality that are quite unimaginable to the normal human mind.

   What do you mean by “the ability to see certain aspects of reality that are quite unimaginable to the normal human mind”?

   Just like no amount of lectures or written descriptions will ever help you to understand what coconut juice tastes like, to make full sense of this, further training and direct experience is necessary. Please understand that I can only give you a brief snapshot now, and chances are it will sound quite contrived and hokey at this point.

   Try to imagine something like this...

  • Imagine improved health: you feel more energetic, more balanced, less stressed. Imagine being more in touch with your body, knowing in advance when it is going out of balance, so you are able to correct it without actually falling sick. Your experiences seem more vivid. Your friends remark how much more fun you are to be around.
  • Imagine a greater clarity of mind: you can concentrate better, complex subjects begin to make sense to you like never before. You start seeing connections that you never saw before. You are astounded by the realization that there were so many beliefs within you that you had been holding without ever really thinking about them. You feel a state of inner peace you never knew one could experience in this "apparently broken" world.
  • Imagine seeing people, events and circumstances with greater depth: you begin to perceive layers of reality and sort of inner logic of providence to which you were previously oblivious. You increasingly develop a greater intuitive ability to know in advance which steps to take, which path to choose, which decisions to make that will lead to greater fulfillment and optimized life experiences.
  • Imagine being happier: you begin to treasure almost every moment of life; you go about your work or business with more enthusiasm; you feel deeper connection and affection towards those you love. You can still be upset and even angry on occasions where upset and anger is fully necessary; you get upset strategically and constructively, when necessary, but not automatically and helplessly.

   This is a clumsy wordy account of how it somewhat feels like when you are in the "awake state". Yet, when you are not in that state (which can happen even after you have tasted this experience, as it takes time to fully stabilize), all this seems quite unimaginable and unattainable. This is because most humans at this point in time lack the ability to see "without filters". 

   The ability to see without filters is directly connected with the awakened state, once you are truly awake, no persuasion or lengthy discussion is necessary, you will just see...

   You will see that life is not fragmented, or made up of broken pieces that have no coherence or synchronization; it is quite the opposite. Life is an interconnected dance of the opposites that has tremendous intelligence, synchronicity, love and beauty. (When I say life, I mean the drama we experience on all levels, from the personal to the cosmic, the interconnected journey of evolution that connects one and all, from the smallest hummingbird to the largest star, and everything in between. This is not an intellectual discussion for the academic mind, so I will not insult you with unnecessary definitions; life is what we experience, and that experience is interconnected on all levels, it is not fragmented and disconnected, like it appears to the thinking mind, like it appears to lawyers, priests and politicians.)

   In other words, the manifested universe at large does not follow the linear, logical principles of man-made machines; rather the fabric of reality is organic in nature, which means all systems are interconnected: like the human body (over fifty trillion cells working in synchrony). So when you want to think of life, you have consider the larger ecology of life, meaning you must somehow free your brain to see that everything is dependent on and connected to everything else.

   When you experience what we are referring to as awakening, you will simply see this fact, and true intelligence will arise, not because of some great secret I am about to reveal to you, but simply because you will learn to see without filters, anthropocentric biases and prejudice. You will no longer unconsciously create conflict within and without, because you will no longer be stuck in a nightmare of unfulfilled desires. When you are awake, you realize the following to be a fact, not a wishful belief, but a fact:

   Beyond the “I”, there is One Life.

   Once you truly see that to be a fact, you begin to live life artfully, with grace, with compassion, with love, no longer creating blind conflict, and life becomes filled with continuous synchronicities, serendipities and miracles. You have more energy, better health, improved cognition and mental clarity. You become intuitively connected with the dance of life.

   The fact of this, the true reality of this, is something that is far beyond the reaches of the ordinary human mind lost in thought and self conflicting needs, wants and desires. This is what I mean by aspects of reality quite unimaginable to the human mind.

   Isn’t conflict and violence a natural way of life on earth? Don’t animals kill animals, struggle and fight all the time?

   That comparison is like saying monkeys sit on trees and poop from high above, why don’t we do it too? We don’t do it because we have evolved to something more intelligent, more sophisticated and more mature. Having said that, yes, like animals kill animals, humans kill humans and other animals too, but never before has an animal killed for fun or profit; they instinctively hunt or gather whatever is the bare minimum necessary and live in harmony with nature. Humans on the other hand, fight and kill in the name of food, entertainment, social status, ideology, religion, and sometimes for no apparent reason at all.

There are some estimates that say there have been at least three thousand wars in the last three thousand years! In the twentieth century alone, wars and armed conflicts killed well over one hundred million humans. Today, every life sustaining system on this planet has been polluted or taken to the point of collapse by humans, including air and water. The whole planet is suffering because of the unbridled greed and total lack of empathy of the majority of the human race. Life on earth is becoming more and more complicated by the day for humans and for all else. Surely you can see this is anything but natural.

   So what is the solution?

   The solution begins by realizing that there is a problem. The first step of freedom is to realize that you are in a prison. If you are busy glorifying the wonderful system that gives you food and entertainment everyday, you will forever remain stuck within it. And a prison is a prison, no matter how nicely its lawns are manicured.

   I can see the mindless violence and wars and hatred all around. But how can I be of any help in this enormous game played by governments, countries and corporations even larger than countries?

   Intellectual musing is worthless. There is no point in you taking the role of a distant observer criticizing the actions of others. It’s very easy to do that. Turn on the TV and you will find someone or the other doing just that, criticizing what others are doing wrong, and then they go back home being the same violent, neurotic, angry, jealous man they were before they began the interview on the show. Or he reads an inspiring book and tries to do a little bit of good for his neighbor or family, as long as he feels good about it. If he doesn’t feel good, he turns into the monster that he really is inside.

   This is known as fragmented behavior: compartmentalizing an intellectual understanding to specific areas of life; in all other areas, he is something totally different. It's like the businessman who is ruthless, heartless, cold-blooded profiteer, who does whatever it takes to ensure his own gain no matter what happens to his competitors, only to come back home and turn into a loving father reading his child stories of compassion and empathy.

   This is how people usually go into a spiritual search too. It's another new commodity in his already over full shopping cart. He wants answers but only those that fit into his own framework of beliefs. He wants change but only as long as he can continue with his life as it is. He wants enlightenment, and by that he means he wants to turn into some sort of a spiritual superman, which will allow him to suddenly solve all his life problems without making any changes at all.

   Unfortunately, true evolution doesn’t work that way. And in our work, we are concerned with true evolution. If you are not willing to be truly honest, face your deepest darkest fears, and totally transform the way you live, love and die… there is no point in continuing this journey, it will be another confusing discussion, where you will take parts of it but not all of it, and that is one of the sure shot formulas for remaining stuck forever.

   But if you are willing to truly embark upon the greatest journey of your life, transform your inner core in ways you have never imagined before, to change forever the way you perceive reality, not in a fragmented way but totally and completely, then we can go forward. Then you can become a true bearer of light. Then you can truly serve.

   And the good news is this: consciousness is interconnected, reality is interconnected; when you change, no matter where you are, your change affects the rest of the world. Remember, the ocean is nothing but a multitude of little drops; the drop is nothing but a little ocean. When one drop changes, the ocean is never the same again.

   I am ready for this next stage of evolution that you speak of. I am tired of living the same mediocre life filled with conflict, struggle and lack of true adventure. I would like to change my life. How do we begin?

   Try to understand this first...

   Life on earth is an evolutionary journey of truly cosmic proportions. And you are at the leading edge of it now! Try to awaken from your dream of beliefs and faith. You no longer need to believe the lies and limiting beliefs of your evolutionary ancestors. There is great magic here.

   This universe is a fantastically magical place and this magic has a language: synchronicity. The moment you suspend your conditioned thoughts and disbelief, you will begin to sense it automatically, you will be able to access and experience life magic, if only you expand your senses a little.

   As soon as you let go of your pre-programmed inherited disbelief, you will begin to realize that not only there is great magic here but also it is serving your best interests continuously in the background. Unfortunately, most people, most of their lives, fight against this Intelligence, to no avail, instead of enjoying the fantastic powers it brings to our lives.

   That magic is easy to access, no elaborate ritual or prolonged spiritual training is necessary. All you have to do is realize who you truly are, most naturally and effortlessly, and then relax, and let go with the flow.

   If these words have touched the deepest core of your being and you are finding yourself mesmerized by them, as if standing inside a bubble right now of infinite possibilities, you are at the right place, and it is the right time. The time for you to awaken has come! The journey ahead will be beyond anything you have ever dreamed of, let alone thought of.

   If you continue, your life will turn upside down and you will be re-born. All you have to do is make sure you keep taking the next steps forward, one after one, and I am here to help you with it.

   It may take a few hours or a few months or a few years, but if you are genuine, if you are truly seeking the answers, if you are truly honest… the Mystery always, always reveals Itself. When the secret is revealed, when you have freed yourself from the tyranny of your ego mind, when you have awakened, on this journey you will access and experience life like never before: signs, synchronicities, direct messages from the Divine, miracles that defy all logic, will become daily life for you.

   But above all, you will become a powerful bearer of light, an active force of universal evolution, no longer separate from All That Is but a conscious, fully awake representative of Providence itself.
   That said, if you are ready to continue, please read the following carefully:

   This is a intense program where I will personally coach you step by step through:

   THREE MONTHS (12 SESSIONS) of training.

   All the sessions are conducted via telephone, computer or Skype. So you can be anywhere in the world and embark upon this journey. (Don't worry if you are not sure how Skype or calling over computers work, we will give you proper instructions. Its easy.) Also all sessions will be recorded for your future reference and a audio copy of the session will be given to you after each session via email.

   Are you ready to embark on such an intense and committed journey?

   First off, you need to be already performing well in life. Your basic needs should be more than taken care of. In other words, if you are a struggling salesperson trying to make a living who has a drinking problem, this may not be the thing for you. This is not the program where I deal with anger issues, or stress management, or anything like that. If you are a beginner in self development, read my book, go for one of the live classes or read other books in the market dealing with whatever issue you are working on, go do some meditation or self hypnosis course, see a therapist, etc and then when you have more or less cleaned your inside, having fun with life, and now ready to take it to the masters level, come and apply for this.

   Second, you need to be willing to transform all areas of your life. All areas mean: ALL AREAS. This program is designed to change you into a completely new individual. Read the following carefully, please:

  • You will need to meditate regularly and exercise regularly.
  • You will need to face all that you fear to let go.
  • If you are not willing to go through such experiences, this is not the right program for you.

   Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY: This is a personal transformation program that revolves around freeing ourselves as much as possible from the shackles of biological and evolutionary programming, and preparing ourself in a way so that we are ready to serve the world in whatever way we choose to. This is about massive learning and growing while we prepare for the real life. But this is definitely NOT about sitting home and becoming all knowledgeable. In other words, if you have no intention on actually taking action on your own discoveries, don't bother embarking upon a journey like this.

   The Tuition Fee:

   The fee for Journey to Infinity program (12 Sessions - 1 Session per week) is $1900
   Important Notes:
   1. You can discontinue anytime from the program or even request a full refund after the very first session if you think this is not the right program for you. But if you choose to continue, after the second session (second week of the program) there will be no more refunds.
   (Please read: Why isn't there any refunds after the second week? Because while I do whatever I can to weed out undeserving candidates, ultimately this program is not some magic potion that I can make you drink. It's your personal journey of awakening that requires persistence, courage, passion and a willingness to do whatever it takes, no matter what! While many think that they are ready for such a journey, very few are. Most of us think we are ready for change but when change comes very few are ready to endure the natural uncertainty and pain associated with it. If I allowed everyone to simply ask for their money back after few weeks because they are no longer so fascinated by the hard work involved, I'd be seriously risking my own time and resources. So while I have a reputation to live up to, you have to decide if you are really ready for such an experience and take a risk on yourself.)
   2. Before you apply, please ensure you have enough time, energy and enthusiasm to begin the program.  Understand this is a highly dedicated partnership where both myself and you are concerned with one common outcome: upgrading your sense of being. If you are not ready to commit 100% please wait until you can and only then start this journey.
   So… do you qualify?

   If you think you’re qualified for this program, please send me an email at shafin@shafindezane.com with some introduction about yourself: who you are, some background history, your life situation and most importantly, why you wish to enroll in this program.

   Looking forward to walking with you on the enchanted path within.

  Shafin de Zane